Colorado Men's Volleyball College Committee

Colorado will become a national leader in men's and boys' volleyball by building on the sanctioning of high school volleyball to secure collegiate men's volleyball opportunities:
Secure a Division I collegiate men's volleyball program
Secure multiple Division II & III collegiate men's volleyball programs
We are seeking individuals who:
1. Can provide capital support (through the First Point Foundation) to help our mission
2. Are influential Alumni who support men's and boys' volleyball in Colorado
3. Are motivated to cause this change to occur
If you are able and motivated, contact us at


  1. Organize and facilitate action in Colorado to secure a Division 1 University commitment to add men’s volleyball and numerous Division II, III and NAIA colleges

    1. University of Colorado

    2. Colorado State University

    3. University of Denver

    4. Air Force Academy

    5. University of Northern Colorado

  2. Within the CMVCC, create sub-committees based on specific opportunities, interest and support for action at specific universities



Bottom Up – Lateral - Top Down 


Create a groundswell of state-wide momentum while working with well positioned advocates and individual universities to develop and act on formalized plans


Bottom Up

  1. Social media campaign

    1. Re-branding

    2. Continue to expand reach

    3. Develop university level specific talking points – NCAA press

    4. Connect to the sanctioning of boys’ volleyball

    5. Connect with all university club teams and official and unofficial social media accounts

    6. Enlist well known advocates for campaign videos / quotes

  2. Presentations, call to action, banners, hand-outs at boys’ volleyball events – USAV & HS

    1. Regular season, regionals, state competition

    2. Boys powers and adult events

    3. Other opportunities as they arise

  3. Extended Reach Committee

    1. Targeted action and expansion of reach



  1. Women’s college coaches

    1. Find connected advocates

    2. Schedule meetings

    3. Make the case for the creation of a “volleyball culture” that will lead to a better women’s team

    4. Create advocates - educate on cost, impact, title IX, conference, etc

  2. Men’s club team coaches

    1. Schedule meetings

    2. Find connected advocates

    3. Enlist athletes as social media partners

    4. Make the case for the creation of a “volleyball culture” that supports Men’s and Women’s volleyball

    5. Create advocates - educate on cost, impact, title IX, conference, etc

    6. Support and strengthen programming



Top Down

  1. Find connected advocates and schedule meetings

    1. University connections

      1. Athletic Director

      2. University President / Senior Staff

      3. High level boosters

      4. Political connections

    2. Create a specific presentation for each university based off common goals and known attributes

      1. Rationale – Culture of volleyball excellence

      2. Impact on the university – NCAA research on male volleyball student-athletes

      3. Cost – specific, real examples (high / medium / low) – big impact for minimal cost (relative to other sports)

      4. Opportunity to be the first in Colorado – its just a matter of time, be the leader

      5. Keep more local kids in Colorado – sanctioning of boys’ volleyball         

      6. Survey and interest development opportunity